Tent anchored to the trailer, through stainless steel studs. 

Structure is composed by:

  • beams made of particular Gatel section, specifically designed, in order to improve their resistance to the bend;
  • columns with a specific section able to hold up the frame weight under the wind action to 28 meters per second;
  • galvanized steel junctions and accessories. 

Covering sheets made of high quality certified PVC coated fabric, light, waterproof, and fire resistant, equipped with special handles, studied to give it best graps and allow easy assembling. 

The structure is also equipped with a particular tensioning system able to tight sidewalls and roof covering removing every single crease, making tent aesthetically perfect and structurally steady. 

Tent could be personalized through Gatel high definition UV-tech print, and also with a different type of window system. 

Structure is also designed with a particulare set up for Led recessed lighting.  

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