An accurate planning of the structure come first each realization, in order to fulfill every single needs of the customer.

Rendering is the first essential step of the production cycle, in order to realize an high quality manufact.


Digital printing department

Gatel has installed last generation machinery to realize high quality graphic print, in order to fulfill new customers requirements, providing a new wide range of digital print service, from customized sheets for Gazebo, Racing Box Tent or Truck Tarpaulin, to advertising banner and blow-up.

The using of high quality materials, such as the first-quality PVC coated fabric and the UV-resistant inks, guarantee an optimum outside durability: a real advertising instrument of extremely striking image.

Warranty and assistance

Important aim of Gatel i salso to keep a direct contact with its customers, guaranteeing important after-sales services, in order to establish a solid customer loyalty.

Every single part, functional to the right assembling of Gatel structures, is the result of carefully manufacturing carried out inside the Gatel Factory, that ensure the reliability of all components and the instant availability of every single piece.



In order to fulfill every different needs of his customer, Gatel is committed to rent his struchtures, with different packages available for both motorsport and outdoor.